Finbarr Saunders
for Knoxville City Council


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Seeking Solutions - Building Bridges

 Spring, 2015

Dear Friends:

Four years ago, you entrusted me with the honor of serving as your City Councilman, At Large Seat C.  Since then I have worked diligently with my fellow council members, Mayor Rogero and the administration to bring a mature, balanced and attentive approach to governing the City of Knoxville.

I am writing you now to request that you allow me to continue my service in this second and final term.  I hope you will examine the decisions I have made during the past four years – issues that have ranged from the annual budget; significant city initiatives addressing corridor development to the north, south, east and west; pensions for city employees and downtown re-development – and conclude that I have given thoughtful consideration to each and every vote.

Knoxville’s energy is contagious!  I realize growth and change can be difficult and frightening, but our ultimate goal is to benefit everyone.  Your council and city administration’s focus has always been to work together to arrive at reasonable solutions and, where required, compromises that address our most difficult issues.

I am proud that you showed your confidence by electing me four years ago.  Now, I am asking that you allow me to continue to serve in a second and final term.  I respectfully ask for your vote, your support and your active commitment to make our city an even better place to live, work, invest, play and raise our families.



Primary Election: September 29, 2015 
    (Early Voting: September 9-24)
General Election: November 3, 2015 
    (Early Voting: October 14-29)


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